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Why is ASE Certification Important?

There was a time when having a basic understanding of the internal combustion engine, a toolbox full of wrenches, strong hands and a passion for cars was enough to get a job repairing autos. Even then, it took knowledge and skills to work on cars and engines. But most of the learning was by trial and error and repairmen mostly relied on their own mechanical aptitude and the advice of senior co-workers.

But that was then. Today's autos are increasingly complex systems of mechanical, electrical and sensing components. Working on vehicles with sophisticated engineering and advanced technology requires a level of training and understanding that is hard to just "pick up." Formal training, computer-literacy and supervised, hands-on training are essential to reaching the level of technical competence needed to work on today’s vehicles.

Motorists need a way to assess whether the person they're entrusting with the repair and maintenance of their auto is qualified to be working on it. That's why the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence created a certification program. It's a way for consumers to know that the technican servicing their vehicle is competent.

In order to become ASE-Certified, candidates must pass rigorous knowledge and skills tests and prove that they have at least two years of relevant work experience. The national standards are high because the stakes are high. The auto industry is always changing so to remain Certified, retesting is required every five years.

In order to assure customers that only competent, qualified technicians are servicing their vehicles, Autopia, Bloomington's independently-owned auto-repair center, only employs ASE-Certified service technicians. You’ll find our service personell to be professional, knowledgeable, customer oriented, efficient and well qualified to do a first-rate job on your car or truck.

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Cars, Vans & Light Trucks

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4-Wheel Drive

Make your automotive-life as hassle-free as you can by staying ahead of trouble. With proper maintenance, your car will:

Last longer

Get better gas mileage

Be safer to drive

Hold its value at resale

Cost less to operate

Give you peace of mind.

Hybrid &



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Autopia Auto Service Provides . . .

• ASE-Certified Mechanics

• High-Quality Parts with full


• Guaranteed Workmanship

• Latest Diagnostic Equipment

• Preventive Maintenance

• Extended Warranty Work

• Diagnostics and Inspections

• Major or Minor Repairs and

Engine Overhauls

What are ASE
Certified Technicians?

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